Erica Gwaltney is the creator and co-owner of Arrowpoint Interiors, based in beautiful Jacksonville, Oregon. 

Erica’s love for interior styling, design and décor began as a child, as she tagged along with her father to construction sites where he was the building contractor for his construction company. She quickly learned to dream about the beautiful spaces that could be created inside the buildings. At home, Erica’s mom kept current with décor trends and encouraged Erica’s love of interior design by letting her freely rearrange and redecorate her room.

A graduate of George Fox University with a BA in Communications, Erica has been married to her husband, Ryan, since 1998 and they have two children.  When she is not creating beautiful interiors, Erica spends her time with her awesome family and friends. She loves to run & hike, paddleboard, snowboard, snowshoe, and simply to be in nature. She gets inspiration from the outdoors, often incorporating natural elements into her interiors. 

Erica got married, graduated from college and decided to stay at home to raise her two children. She quickly fell in love with creating an organized, beautiful home for her family to live in. Meanwhile, friends and family continually asked her for decorating help, to provide the same level of organization and beauty in their homes she creates in her own. Several years of this later, Arrowpoint Interiors was born. At the heart of Arrowpoint Interiors is a love for interior design and a desire to help people live in functional and stylish homes. Erica has an inherent knack for understanding the minds and lives of her clients and transforming their houses into unique and memorable homes.


Kendall was born and raised here in beautiful Southern Oregon. Growing up in a construction and real estate dominant family gave her the inspiration and passion for interior design, styling and organization. Being organized and having a house function stylishly and practically have always been top priorities for her. Kendall is constantly finding fresh and new ideas and concepts that break the current mold of interior design. She enjoys updating her own home to show these new ideas and is always helping friends and family with their own homes. After having children Kendall has been able to add to her arsenal a style that is kid friendly, but also has a modern, genuine feel.

The thought of moving into a new house or even just wanting a change for a current room can be a arduous and daunting feat to accomplish. This is where Kendall likes to assist, with her gentle yet confident personality, combined with her innovative yet familiar sense of style there’s no room that can’t be improved whether you are looking for a simple and clean look or even more intricate, she is eager to help.

Kendall is married to her high school sweetheart Luke, and together they have two boys. She is a lover of all things white and bright, natural living and good deals. In her free time Kendall enjoys being with her family, her dogs, eating yummy food and traveling.