"When I approached Arrowpoint Interiors to help me decorate my home office, I simply wanted a space that felt comfortable and functional. WOW!!!!! They not only gave me what I hoped for, but they far exceeded my expectations! Kendall & Erica gave me an experience where I was brought into the process of discovering what inspires me and how to bring that inspiration into my home. It wasn’t just about decorating my office, but uncovering a piece of myself in the process.

We began by them coming to my home and looking at my office and what I had available to use in the design.  They had me fill out a questionnaire that helped them see what I really wanted to accomplish by hiring Arrowpoint. What surprised me about this part of the process was that the questions they asked actually brought to life the inspiration I was looking for inside myself for the space I was desiring in my home. In this quick and easy meeting, we came up with a plan to move forward based on my own style, but also based on what Erica & Kendall helped me discover I really wanted.  They then carefully shared their own ideas.  I say carefully because they never wanted to override my own style and take over with their own agenda for the room. 

The weeks ahead, I purchased a few items and they were great at being available to help me narrow down decisions such as; this desk or that desk, kind of questions.  What was refreshing was their ability to help me just enough, without making the room about themselves.  They was so good at helping me see what it was that I really wanted, and at times I know that what I liked wasn’t their own style but they were trusting in the finished product. 

The time finally came for Erica & Kendall to pull all of our efforts together and for the final styling of the room.  On this day, I had everything available and ready and I left the house while they worked their magic. When they finished I received a text that they were finished and I headed home to see.  I was blown away at what I saw. It was perfectly ME!! The final product was a space I felt at home in.

After they left I sat for a couple hours in my new, little haven.  I was speechless. I sat as inspiration began to flood my veins. I knew this place was opening me up to use my creativity that I had abandoned in the last several years. I have had my office in place now for a little over a month and I have used it to draw, paint, write, do yoga, and most of all let my mind wander and dream. 

With Arrowpoint Interiors as your designer you will get more than a beautiful space, you will enjoy the experience."

Client - Medford, OR


"Arrowpoint Interiors nailed it!  Erica helped me get a vision, stay focused, and clarify the look and feel I desired in my space.  She encouraged me to take it slow, live with each piece for awhile to get a feel, and make the design changes very personal for my family.  From the first consult, and throughout the project, I really appreciated the thorough, kind, humble and heartfelt guidance and design support. I would highly recommend Erica’s creative inspiring hand for your home and space."

Client - Jacksonville, OR 


"When Erica Gwaltney, the interior stylist of Arrowpoint Interiors, arrived at my house to design a gallery wall I had no idea it would be so much fun!  She arrived with her tools in hand as well as her joyful, energetic attitude and smiling face.  I marveled at her efficiency and her eye for design.  She began by asking me what thoughts I had on the wall design. She wanted my input, saying that it’s my home and should reflect my personality and likes. Once we spent some time discussing my thoughts and a couple of her ideas, she got busy. It was so fun to watch her artistic design take my blank, dull wall, organize my pieces and turn it into a beautiful, creative, and personal gallery wall. Just the look I wanted.  I’m so happy with her work and will definitely have her back again to design some of my other spaces. I love her eye of creativity and innovative, original style. Erica is so much fun to work with and I definitely recommend her to anyone who needs some help defining a space or making a wall come alive or re-styling any room in their home.  You won’t be sorry."

Client - Jacksonville, OR