A Little Update

Hello! We are happy you are here. Arrowpoint Interiors has some new things happening and we are beyond excited about them! We would like to take a minute to re-introduce ourselves and give you a little update on where the business is headed. 


I, Erica, started Arrowpoint Interiors two years ago and it was born from my passion for Interior Design. I am so affected my surroundings and I've always loved designing and styling the homes we've lived in so we feel comfortable and inspired to live a active, adventurous life. I feel our homes should be a representation of our unique personalities. I love helping people discover that and how to incorporate that into their homes. I am a happy wife, a mommy to two teenagers and two dogs. I love being outside adventuring and I get all kinds of  decor inspiration from Mother Nature. I appreciate all different kinds of design styles and most love combining design styles to bring out the client's lifestyle and personality. 

 Now, I would like to introduce you to my little sister, Kendall! She is joining Arrowpoint Interiors and will be a great asset to the business. She brings some major organization skills, she has great design sense, and is tech savvy. She is exactly what Arrowpoint Interiors needs! Take it away, Kendall!

Hi everyone! I, Kendall, am so excited to be joining forces with my big sis! Helping people create homes that they love makes me so happy. I am a wife, boy momma to two, dog mom, interior stylist, passionate about natural living and good deals. I am a lover of all things white and bright, but I also love being stretched outside of my design comfort zone! Organization makes me happy and you can find me organizing in my spare time. Along with interior styling I will be running the social media and behind the scenes business end here at AI. I am so thrilled to see where this business goes and can’t wait to work with you!


If you don’t know what we do let me tell you: Arrowpoint Interiors is an interior design studio that caters to the home owner that wants to add their own personality into their home. We have the knack of finding unique pieces of furniture, coming up with creative ways to style your walls & shelves, putting everything together so that it compliments each other and exemplifies your personality. We believe our homes shouldn’t look alike, we think our homes should be unique just like each person in this world is unique. We think each family unit should have their home serve their needs in style, organization, creativity, inspiration, beauty, and practicality. Arrowpoint Interiors excels in overcoming the Design Dilemma we all come up against in our homes. We will come to your home, take a look around, ask a lot of questions, and then get to work solving the design dilemma. We can’t wait!


- Erica & Kendall