Master Bedroom Refresh

Designer: Arrowpoint Interiors

Location: East Medford, OR

We all need to refresh our decor every so often. We have found people find greater happiness and productivity in life after putting some time and attention into refreshing their living spaces. That was the case with these sweet clients that live in the Summerfield subdivision in East Medford.

They invited us into their home to accomplish several things: paint color, pick new carpet, furniture and art placement, new bedding, and new lamps.

Here is the only before picture I have. It is of their office area in their bedroom. You can see the difference the new paint color and fresh carpet make.


The very first order of business was painting the trim and walls and replacing the carpet.


They did such a good job of cleaning out, organizing, and adding an office station in their walk in closet so it wasn’t visually cluttering their bedroom. She said she wanted her room to feel peaceful & purposeful so we suggested they hide the clutter that comes along with a home office.


We are very strong believers that our homes impact us emotionally and mentally. We all live very busy lives so we are fond of keeping our interiors as minimal and clutter free as possible so we can have clear brains. Clutter free homes means clutter free brains. Organized homes mean productive lives.


This bedroom went from feeling cluttered and confusing to feeling purposeful and peaceful. There was a tangible difference that we all felt when we were completed. This might not be able to be expressed through a picture, but the result was exactly what we all wanted!


We were thrilled to be able to work with these clients and to help take their Master bedroom to that peaceful place they were looking for. The end result was a bedroom that was totally them and they were so happy with how it turned out.