Office Redo!

I had the privilege and honor of helping a very special person redo her office. She moved into her home about a year ago and has slowly been buying the furniture and decorations she really wants in her home. We all know how that is, we finally get to the point in life where we are sick of the Target furniture or the hand me down furniture. We finally realize its important enough to us to spend the money on what we really want. The office was the the last room to get her attention and it just so happened that she wanted me to help her pull it all together. Yippee! Of course I wanted to, it's what I love to do! She ended up having to replace the floors due to a leaky washer, but it worked out for good in the end because she came away with brand new, beautiful laminate floors.

We found inspiration on Pinterest from Avenue Lifestyle's office. The picture below is what loosely inspired our choices in furniture and color. She loves white, minimalistic and clean lines in her home and yet she also likes touches of warm colors to make things feel cozy. 

We spent time in her office space talking about what she envisions, looking on Pinterest at inspiring offices and slowly narrowing down what she wanted.  She made a trip to Portland and spent some money at IKEA which is where most of her office furniture came from. Good choice! 

We decided to put the desk under the big window so as she writes, reads and is on her computer she can be inspired by God's beautiful creation. We placed the big, IKEA shelves on the wall above and to the right of her double-desk area. It adds substance and balance to the room and her books are easily accessible. (Obviously her picture frames will eventually have pictures in them and her terra-cotta pots will have plants in them.) The other side of the room has a cozy chair in the corner, a mirror on the wall and enough space in the middle of the room for her to do yoga. Yay!! 

Later in the day, after I finished styling her desk and shelves she called me to say she absolutely loves her office. She said it brought her such inspiration and excitement.  She said she even pulled out her painting supplies and has visions of painting again, in that room. Also, she dreams of doing some writing and yoga, in that room. As she was talking I realized that is what a room, a home and a space should do for us. That is the exact reason I love interior design and styling, it brings inspiration. When our surroundings reflect us, inspire us and produce creativity that is a sign we have it right. 

"The things we love tell us who we are."

- Thomas Aquinas