I recently created a gallery wall in a client’s entry way. It turned out exactly the way she wanted it and she was so excited with the finished product. It’s a perfect first impression to her home when people walk in the front door. But, what the most exciting and memorable thing about this was the connection we made together as we were working on her gallery wall. We were discussing how it would best represent her, what she liked and what I liked. We were talking about our families, our homes, our lives. Two women bonding over decorating a home.  That is the best part of my job - getting to know people, being real, sharing common interests and sadnesses. Life is to be shared, and the older I get the more I realize the blessing in sharing it with whoever I happen to come across that day. Something as exciting,  yet simple as hanging cute decor in someone’s hallway can be an encouraging and inspiring encounter that lasts a lifetime.


“I wanted potential clients to see my heart, to see what makes my heart beat, to share a piece of my life, inviting them to let me into theirs.” - Jenna Kutcher


What a privilege it is to enter someone’s home and help them create a space that reflects their personalities. It is a special time to connect with another human being. To share a little of myself and to receive a little of who they are, thus adding depth to each of us. So cool!

By the way, a gallery wall is a fun, creative way to add character and personality to your home. To me a gallery wall speaks about who and what is important to those who live in the home. A gallery wall can consist more of pictures, like my gallery wall does, or it can consist more of decorations like this client’s gallery wall. There really isn’t a right way or a wrong way to do a gallery wall and that is probably why I love them so much. They are insanely creative and reflect the hobbies, moments, and places that mean the most.